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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do a ┬ápodcast after all :3
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Here’s the link : EPISODE 1
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What Teachers Need To Know About the Phrase, “I Need To Go To The Restroom.”

“May I go to use the restroom?”

Every teacher had heard this phrase at one point in their career. Scratch that. At least once a day.

And I needed to talk about this. Why? Because some teachers don’t understand when you really have to go to the bathroom. Especially, my friends, if you are a hormonal teenage girl on her period.

(If this makes you uncomfortable, you should probably exit this post now and move on.)

No, Mr. or Mrs. Or Ms. Whoever-my-teacher-is, I cannot hold it in, I cannot wait, and if you delay me from rushing to the bathroom for one more minute, I swear there will be blood all over your nice classroom carpet.

My point is, even if a student is not on their period (girls) or just has to use the bathroom really badly (guys), there should be no instance where we students have to wait to use the bathroom.

I hate this scenario, especially.

“Mr. (Name), may I go to use the restroom?”

“Can you wait? Because there’s this video I-”

“No, I cannot wait.”

“Is it an emergency?”


“Can’t you hold it?”

At this point, I just say it.

“Mr. (Name), I am on my period, and I need to use the restroom right now or else there is going to be blood leaking everywhere.”

Yeah, that gets them to let me go.

And makes them really uncomfortable. You know, ’cause they’re a guy teacher?

The thing is, what if I did actually have to use the bathroom? Wouldn’t it be the same thing, because, I mean…

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Teachers: having to use the restroom is not something you can control, so I advise you to wisely let your students use the restroom when they need to.

As long as you understand.

On Procrastination

Apologies for not posting for a while, but I just had a lot of homework and tests and stuff. So I guess I was kinda busy.

But I am also working on a Wattpad story, because I love to write.

But my topic today is on procrastination. Ok. Gather up your hormonal teenage kids to read this post. Or, if you are one of my species, read it yourself.

I am a terrible, horrible, master procrastinator.

But what is procrastination?

Well, my young grasshopper, procrastination is when you don’t do any work and scramble to finish it at the last minute. During your lunch. Before it’s due. Five minutes before you have to hand it in. It also includes praying that they will forget about the fact that it was due.

It’s both terrible and extremely useful to have been trained in.

I, for one, was trained by my awesome dad.

But I digress. This is going to be a short post.

Do not, under any circumstance, procrastinate. It will ruin your life.

Adults Who Just Don’t Care

On a first note, to all the adults out there who actually care about us teens (and kids) congratulations. You earn major kudos. Like, my dad level kudos. And he’s a freaking super hero. No, he is not Clark Kent. But you get the idea.

I wanted to talk about the adults who don’t really care what could happen to the next generation. It’s not like they’re going to be around as elderly people who complain about the “young people.”

Note, that was sarcasm.

But really, some adults just couldn’t care less about us.

Take my school counselor, for instance. (Ironic, isn’t it?) He really gets on my nerves.

–scene cut–

“So, Elle, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well, Mr. L, I wanted to ask you advice on something. talk about problems and makes some small talk

“Well, Elle, I can’t advise you on what to do, you need to figure that out by yourself.


Well. That was a complete waste of fifteen minutes.

We’re talking the guy who forgets to turn in the students’ college application forms. That could change our lives.

And do you know what he said?

“It’s not like they’ll get in anyway, even if I did turn them in on time.”

Oh my goodness. Really.

Do you know someone who couldn’t care less about you or others? Post it as a comment!

On Shopping Without Irritating People

Okay, so this was originally supposed to be the thing that was on the podcast, but since that won’t work, I’m making it into a blog post.

It is a rant, people. I think this mostly happens to girls, but I don’t know, maybe some fashion-savvy guys can have this happen to them, too.

You know that thing (guys can relate) where you’re waiting for someone to finish shopping for something, and it takes them eternity to buy three things? That’s what I’m talking about.

“Let’s go shopping” is not giving you permission to put them through an eternity of boredom. So, I decided to explain to you guys (gals) how to shop without angering people. It’s a list. Check it off each time you go shopping with your boyfriend. Or your mom. Or anyone.

1. Have in mind at least loosely what you want to buy, and know which stores you have to go to to buy these things.

2. If you can’t find it, ask someone who works there.

3. Don’t go off on more than three tangents while shopping.

4. Take refreshment and bathroom breaks.

5. Get in the store, and get out as quickly as humanly possible.

6. Let the person coming with you go to the shops they want to, too.

If you can follow these six things, I guarantee that people you shop with will be less irritated with you. Really.

You There, My Friend

So, this is basically a review of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

BOTH the movie and the musical. Starting with the musical.

The musical version of Sweeney Todd was performed in Broadway with Angela Lansbury and Len… well, Len something. If you haven’t seen it, go to Youtube and search “Angela Lansbury Sweeney Todd” right now. Okay.


The reason I wanted to talk about it is because we are doing this production at my school. It’s pretty intense, people. High D-flats and basses singing higher than the tenors. Talk about crazy.

But I really, really, REALLY like the musical because of the sheer range of the vocalists as well as the quirky story, seeing that it is the very first horror musical. It’s really delightful. I mean, come on. Baking people into pies? That’s pretty much horror material right there. Put in a crazy barber, some straight razors, and a lovesick conspiratorial baker who lives just downstairs, and there you have it.

Onto the movie!

The movie, with Johnny Depp(I’m sorry, did someone say ridiculously awesome?) and Helena Bonham Carter (I love her), was just good. I mean, their acting was phenomenal and all, but they aren’t singers, and the people cut half the songs out, not to mention all the chorus pieces, so there really wasn’t much of the music at all. I do admit that it was very creative, and it was also very realistic. A job well done if you ask me, considering that they’ve never formally been singers.

And must we again cover the fact that the two leads are like… automatically shippable. They are amazing together.

End of story.