On shoes

On shoes. That should be enough for any girl to pick up on what I’m about to say.

Guys, let me walk you through the process.

To girls, shoes are very important….Let me rephrase that. To most girls, shoes are very important.


What prompted me to write this post was a magazine ad for a brand name shoe. It was a simple red high heel, made with fabric, and an added creative touch by sewing on zippers to give it that edgy feeling. Take your guess as to how much this was.

$50? No, keep guessing.

$100? Still not there yet.

$200? Even more.

$500? It’s ridiculous, but no.

These simple pair of heels cost approximately $750. Seven hundred and fifty dollars, people. I could shop for a good six months with that kind of money.

The reason why it is so expensive:

1. It is a brand name.

2. It is remotely creative.

That’s IT! Oh my goodness. Footwear was invented to cover your foot, hence the term footwear. It does not have to cost two and a half months’ worth of renting out a room. And before you can say, “but shoes are expensive things,” let me remind you how much my shoes were.

Twenty dollars. That’s 1/35 of the heels’ cost. That is ridiculous.

I understand that girls want to look pretty, I really do. But to be honest, people are not really staring at your shoes, for god’s sake. I suggest you get a dupe, which will cost half the price and look the same.

Better yet, find more reasonably priced shoes.
Call me when the price you pay for each pair goes under $150. Until then, do not even consider window shoe shopping with me. Please.


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