Adults Who Just Don’t Care

On a first note, to all the adults out there who actually care about us teens (and kids) congratulations. You earn major kudos. Like, my dad level kudos. And he’s a freaking super hero. No, he is not Clark Kent. But you get the idea.

I wanted to talk about the adults who don’t really care what could happen to the next generation. It’s not like they’re going to be around as elderly people who complain about the “young people.”

Note, that was sarcasm.

But really, some adults just couldn’t care less about us.

Take my school counselor, for instance. (Ironic, isn’t it?) He really gets on my nerves.

–scene cut–

“So, Elle, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well, Mr. L, I wanted to ask you advice on something. talk about problems and makes some small talk

“Well, Elle, I can’t advise you on what to do, you need to figure that out by yourself.


Well. That was a complete waste of fifteen minutes.

We’re talking the guy who forgets to turn in the students’ college application forms. That could change our lives.

And do you know what he said?

“It’s not like they’ll get in anyway, even if I did turn them in on time.”

Oh my goodness. Really.

Do you know someone who couldn’t care less about you or others? Post it as a comment!


2 thoughts on “Adults Who Just Don’t Care

  1. Adults that don’t care completely irritate me too. Especially school counselors like your Mr. L who are supposed to care. Adults should be setting the example for us. A little care can go a long way.

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