Podcast Episode 1

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do a ┬ápodcast after all :3
The sound quality is really bad, sorry…
Here’s the link : EPISODE 1
Have fun ­čÖé

On Procrastination

Apologies for not posting for a while, but I just had a lot of homework and tests and stuff. So I guess I was kinda busy.

But I am also working on a Wattpad story, because I love to write.

But my topic today is on procrastination. Ok. Gather up your hormonal teenage kids to read this post. Or, if you are one of my species, read it yourself.

I am a terrible, horrible, master procrastinator.

But what is procrastination?

Well, my young grasshopper, procrastination is when you don’t do any work and scramble to finish it at the last minute. During your lunch. Before it’s due. Five minutes before you have to hand it in. It also includes praying that they will forget about the fact that it was due.

It’s both terrible and extremely useful to have been trained in.

I, for one, was trained by my awesome dad.

But I digress. This is going to be a short post.

Do not, under any circumstance, procrastinate. It will ruin your life.

What’s it all about?

So, what’s this blog all about? Well, I’m just writing my view of the world, from the point of view of a high school girl who has no idea where she’s going in life.

Ever wonder what fills the mind of a down-to-earth girl as she walks the hallways of her school? What does she think about in class? What goes on in the mind of a teenager, anyway?

That would be where I come in.

I invite you to explore the confusing mind of a teenager.

I invite you to explore and make new discoveries with me.

So welcome to Punk Lavender.

Where sweet meets spicy.