What Teachers Need To Know About the Phrase, “I Need To Go To The Restroom.”

“May I go to use the restroom?”

Every teacher had heard this phrase at one point in their career. Scratch that. At least once a day.

And I needed to talk about this. Why? Because some teachers don’t understand when you really have to go to the bathroom. Especially, my friends, if you are a hormonal teenage girl on her period.

(If this makes you uncomfortable, you should probably exit this post now and move on.)

No, Mr. or Mrs. Or Ms. Whoever-my-teacher-is, I cannot hold it in, I cannot wait, and if you delay me from rushing to the bathroom for one more minute, I swear there will be blood all over your nice classroom carpet.

My point is, even if a student is not on their period (girls) or just has to use the bathroom really badly (guys), there should be no instance where we students have to wait to use the bathroom.

I hate this scenario, especially.

“Mr. (Name), may I go to use the restroom?”

“Can you wait? Because there’s this video I-”

“No, I cannot wait.”

“Is it an emergency?”


“Can’t you hold it?”

At this point, I just say it.

“Mr. (Name), I am on my period, and I need to use the restroom right now or else there is going to be blood leaking everywhere.”

Yeah, that gets them to let me go.

And makes them really uncomfortable. You know, ’cause they’re a guy teacher?

The thing is, what if I did actually have to use the bathroom? Wouldn’t it be the same thing, because, I mean…

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Teachers: having to use the restroom is not something you can control, so I advise you to wisely let your students use the restroom when they need to.

As long as you understand.