On “That Pushy Girl”

This post sounds like I’m dissing someone, I know. But I needed to get this out there.

Do you know someone who is “that pushy girl?”

What if you’ve never met her? Oh, you have. Everyone’s met her at lest once in their life.

She takes on all the jobs with confidence, and leaves the others to do nothing. She then proceeds to supervise and command the people around her, and then in the end just disses other people’s work.

No? If you can’t think of anyone like this, see if you are familiar with the scene below. It’s just an example.

I handed my article to her. We were working as partners, and I had asked her for her feedback. We agreed to exchange papers.

“So… What do you think?” I asked her nervously. It was my first article. In my defense, she was a newbie too.

She gave me a sympathetic smile. “Well, it needs a lot of work, but it’s okay. This is a rough draft. So it’s okay if it’s really bad. We can get your interview quotes later.”

I frowned. Where did it need work? I was curious. Plus, my interview quotes were already in there. Did she not read it?

“Where does it need work?”

She gave me one of those pitying smiles again. “Well… Everywhere.”

I was a little irritated. I hated being pitied. “Can I see yours for reference?”

She sighed. “I don’t have it, I though I would just like, work on it tonight, and then take pictures, because I’m good with photos.”

I nodded slowly. “The your part was due today, though.”

“Yeah, I’ll just wing it. It should be fine. You just worry about yours.”

This is what I’m talking about.

Do you know “that pushy girl?” What do you think of her?

Are you “that pushy girl?”


High School: Getting the Bang for your Buck

So some of you may notice that this is labelled as “rants.” Any post besides teen advice (although it is also labelled as teen advice here) and “Elle recommends” will be labelled “rants.” Just to let you know.

Well, today I wanted to talk about high school and tuition. If you go to a school with expensive tuition, and even if you go to a school where the tuition is not that expensive, you are still paying money to go to school.

Why am I writing about this? Every day, I go to school and I see kids sleeping in class, texting under the table, talking. Yes, I understand that socializing is pretty awesome. But I want you to keep in mind that your parents are paying money for you to go to school. They could spend it on a year’s worth of Starbucks, a new brand piece of clothing, a new house, a new bag, a vacation for themselves. But they are spending it for you to get an education.

“But I didn’t ask for all this.”

Well, you will when you’re uneducated and on the street with no way to get an income.

You see my drift here, people?

You are essentially paying people to make you smarter. And if you pay people to make you smarter, and you don’t get smarter, then what’s the point in that.

So get smarter. Pay attention in class, and take notes. Try to actually retain the information. Then, when you’re famous and rich, you can actually do something with your life.

So do your parents and the world a favor, and don’t do this.

“What are you gonna be when you’re grown up, (name)? What’re you gonna be when you’re an adult?”

“A burden on society.”

Don’t be that kid. Just don’t.